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Project Bestlife.png

by Positive Options

A Teen & Pre-Teen Social

& Sexual Health Education Program

What teachers say about us:

5th Grade Teacher

“Great job! You presented the materials in a way that was interesting to the students!”

7th Grade Teacher

“What an engaging way to talk about some tough and so important stuff! I appreciate the facts and the engaging way that it was presented.”


“I have had several parents tell me that the PBL educator did a fantastic job leading the class for the girls…”

What students say about us:

5th Grade Student

“She has given me
helpful information.”

8th Grade Student

“[I most enjoyed] the honesty and down to earth lessons.”

5th Grade Student

“She made me feel
comfortable talking about it.”

8th Grade Student

“I plan on practicing abstinence (I hadn’t before this class) because I understand the dangers now...I have decided to not have sex because I don’t see the positives outweigh the negatives until marriage.”
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