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Among Ottawa County
8th, 10th, & 12th graders surveyed:


  • Half of 8th graders reported, “Parents or other adults in my family have talked with me about what they expect when it
    comes to sex.”(1)


  • Of the students who reported having HAD sex, 39% did so 
    before age 15 and 88% before age 17.(1)


  • Half of students admitted to seeing or accessing internet    pornography; of those, 45% were first exposed before 
    age 14.(1)


  • 87% of teens think students in their grade have seen or  accessed internet pornography in the past 30 days.(1)

(1) Ottawa County 2021 Youth Assessment Survey

The Public Health Crisis

of the Digital Age(2)… PORNOGRAPHY

  • The biggest increase (8%) in students sharing their own          self-generated sexting material occurred among ages 9-12, rising to 14% according to a U.S. study.(3)

  • One in five 9-12 year olds and one in three 13-17 year         olds agreed it is normal for kids their age to share their         personal sexual images.(3)

  • 84% of teenage boys and 57% of teenage girls reported         that they had viewed pornography.(4)

  • Approximately 45% of teens who consumed porn did so         in part to learn about sex.(5)

  • A 2016 survey of children aged 11-16 shows that over          half of the boys (53%)  and over a third of the girls (39%)      believed that porn was a realistic depiction of sex.(4)


(3) Thorn U.S. 2020 Self-Generated-Child Sexual Abuse Material Study

(4) Fight The New Drug, How Porn Can Distort the Consumers’ Understanding of Healthy Sex

(5) British Board of Film Classification. (2020). Young people, pornography & age-verification. BBFC

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